Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is fast becoming a staple of growing and established businesses from just about every industry.

In the midst of the digital age, where all of your existing and potential clients are using mobile phones right now, it makes sense to build a marketing channel that reaches them on their most used devices, at any time of day.

Just look at the statistics:

Custom mobile application development can prove a powerful marketing tool for all types of businesses:

What can a Mobile App do for Your Business?

A custom mobile app can become a tool between businesses for quoting processes, a shopping tool for consumers, an ordering system for restaurants, communication and more.

Here are a few examples of the objectives that your mobile app could meet:


Mobile App Development with Right Click Media

Applord, a collection of talented mobile application developers, is a sister company to Right Click Media.

Partnering with them, we work to ensure that your vision is realised, thanks to our combined skills, experience, tools, and an extraordinary team of app developers.

By combining their expertise and our insights as an agency, we develop mobile apps that don’t simply meet the specifications of our clients, but takes their communication, management and marketing channels to new heights.

Working with Applord, we specialise in providing the following types of builds:

Native Apps

Apps that benefit from the functions offered by a mobile device. These create exceptional value for the user.

Progressive Web Apps

Mixing web and mobile app architecture makes these types of apps less flexible in their functionality but can create an engaging experience at less of a cost.


While PHP is used mainly for web design, it provides excellent results with mobile apps too. These apps can be used in both iOS and Android, which allows for quicker mobile application development turnaround times, without sacrificing on reliability.

Gaming, AR & VR

Using Unity, we can even develop mobile games, as well as augmented and virtual reality experiences.

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